Serving the interests of over 45,000 Polish-Americans within Westchester County since 1961.

The Westchester Pulaski Association is a nonprofit cultural, civic, and patriotic organization which serves the Westchester community. We are proud of this organization's work over the past 53 years; co-sponsoring the Heritage Day programs, assisting in the General Casimir Pulaski Memorial Parade, recognizing citizens for service to the community, promoting Americanism and funding Scholarship Awards totaling over $250,500 since this program's inception in 1977.

Westchester Pulaski Association, Inc. was chartered in 1961 and filed a "Certificate of Incorporation" with the State of New York in 1976.

The purpose of the organization is to

”Promote and foster mutual understanding and good will among persons of Polish ancestry and heritage;

Disseminate such knowledge and information as will be useful and helpful in instilling a justified pride in the Polish community for the contributions of those individuals of Polish ancestry and heritage who contributed to the growth and strength of this country;

Promote, preserve and strengthen fraternity, patriotism and comradeship among its members;

Perpetuate and honor the memory of those individuals of Polish ancestry and heritage who played a prominent role in the development of this nation and

Sponsor civil, cultural, social and fraternal activities which will tend to promote the purposes for which this corporation was organized.”
— Certificate of Incorporation, October 1976

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